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and nows its nearly time to say good bye as the next story will be my last as time as cought up with me as the last storys will be about the ghosts I encounterd in my time wow that sexy guy fawkes on his regular apparances full story next time

February 9, 2015
guy fawkes back in 1987 I didn't realise was standing at the side of the lamp out of view that night

guy fawkes back in 1987 I didn’t realise was standing at the side of the lamp out of view that night

So its time for the thank yous first of all to word press for letting me put on my storys and to you the readers for taking the time to read them mind you when I first started the blog nearly 3 years ago I dint think id last the course but I tried to bring a varrority of different storys to the blog and the people and events that would change my life for ever unfortually most of the people I knew at the time were a lot older than I and have subqantly died or I came into contact with the ones that had like the Braintree ghosts that go along bank street my only regreat that ted never saw in the Braintree and witham times appaerantley about that other people had saw them too and that ghost hunters have found them and what about the headless horse man which stil l sends shivers down my spine and is still talked about in schools in witham today for years I wonderd whom he was now I know it seems hat all the events have to do with one man the only thing I do know is that when my times comes hell be there waiting for me so ill always be looking over my shoulder but I don’t mind at least in a way its quite comforting that hell be there at least in the futer even though ill long be forgotton as the star that never got far will have some one at the funeral when my times comes with his lamp any way so until the very last time when its the final story well its been interstering being back even though it was a short time in the sceame of things as they say shame paul never came back I miss him after 5 years but there you go at least ive got my ghost for company if nothing else from time to time when I smell that gun powder smell so until the next time thenimageCNV00137PTDC0162

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