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and nows its time for part two of the ghost storys the return of the headless horse man of old cressing village dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 10, 2015
Guy Fawkes in back from 1606

Guy Fawkes in back from 1606

imageHappy valentines day

continued from part one last ime the headless horse man and the man with the yellow light had disappeared in beckers green road as ted and I went up stares back to the flat .so I said to ted this other one how come you saw him and all I got was the yellow light so ted said who ever they are perhaps one you have met before now think logically over the years you have encounterd mant strange happenings like the man in the old coach that picked you up from the lexston near Colchester that time do you remember what he looked like think well he was tall wore a big black hat had blue eyes a reddish brown beard and broad its difficult when ones sitting on a seat on the out side of the carrage like he was .carry on what about the old scrap dealer and the man you saw down the road what was he like said ted well same type of builtd I suppose and the old scrap dealer same thing again the black hat the big black clocke and the beard I see said ted cant you see a pattern here no ted what you mean its seems that the ghost is presenting him self to you in the same form but in different circumstances so are we going to go to the Braintree and withan times I don’t think thed belive us we haven’t got much hard everdence to support our claime its could be contrudued as surrcumstantiall everdence and until we get hard pics to support our claim that to present to them or other wize they will think were nuts its no good well have to return in 5 years time in 1996 and next time well both have to take cameras its our only chance to prove it people are sceptible but who ever they are they look no older than you but why ted do they look whole and one got a head when ones hasn’t it don’t make sence so ted said they may look whole but I bet a pound to a shiiliingif you touched one your habd would go through them as for the head one was beheaded while a life but one had just died before the beheading and oversolly they were in the crime together its finding out when and what point in time did they meet there demise and where it happened but some how my dear its not the last you see of him who ever he is and thnk about it there outfits no ones wore clokes and boots like that in years and that lamp of a cyringicall shape I haven’t ever seen one like that in my life time and im nearly 60 end of part two

guy fawkes back in 1987 I didn't realise was standing at the side of the lamp out of view that night

guy fawkes back in 1987 I didn’t realise was standing at the side of the lamp out of view that night


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