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and nows its time for part three of the ghosts of the past as I return to 1988 I year later aprill the 20th so lets return to the Braintree years dynnargh welclome falite

February 11, 2015
Guy Fawkes in back from 1606

Guy Fawkes in back from 1606



Guy Fawkes from 1605as he watches the gun powder with his trusty old lamp

Guy Fawkes from 1605as he watches the gun powder with his trusty old lamp

imageby this time ted had all ready been gone back to Finsbury park over a year as he said ill be back in the Braintree area I must admit that I was very ill and didn’t feel like seeing any one but as I allways do put a brave face on things and muddle through and hope for the best for over six monthes I had eaten only a Jaffa cake a day id stopped smoking I just didn’t want one and it felt like I was going to choke to death at the time on hind site I thought id better let him vist even though by this time id gone from 12 stone to 8 stone the doctors coulnt find out what was wronge with me as ted came to the door he said as he was on his own you look half dead I must admit that perhaps my time had come ,any way he said ive been trying to find out about the headless horseman before we return in 1992 look theres some pics of costumes that I had in my vast book collection from 1500s take a look ?so after making him a cup of tea and nearly passing out ilooked at the book at this various men in there costumes so don’t you think that the headless horse man and his mate would of worn somethink like this ?as I said a lot happened in the past year and do you think it prudent if we go tonight to see if hell return ?well ive got to return to London I think we should wait and not only that you don’t look well enough to go so what the doctors say whats wrong with you ?they don’t know but im having a bearium dinner next week I don’t want to eat that I said so ted said perhaps hes come for you now oh thanks for that ted that makes me feel a lot better //? I said so ted do you think that the headless horseman and his mate are or were local lads when they lived on earth so ted said looking at Braintree people which are stout I very much doupt it I reacon they come from further up the country but theres no easy way of finding out we would have to go to every paris church or library between hearand Stafford shire so have you thought on who they could be as ted said I just don’t know but one things for sure it must of been a horrific death as there souls are not at rest and wont be and it seems that you my dear is the missing link to one or boths happiness when your time comes he will come for you and then and only then can if its the one rest in piece and whats that suppose to mean ted its plain and simple theres some sort of link between you wich is stronger than heaven earth and the univerce you must of met in the distant past life one day youll be somewhere and there he will be and then youll intinedifly know who he will be so I suppose you want dinner for you intermatent forms of wisdom ted after he had his tea he asked after john as I told him johs gone moved in with some old tart as ted then said your not on your own im at the end of the phone and hes there somewhere and it looks like he always will be ,but that’s all very well ted but who is he ?I just don’t know who thay are my dear you must have patence and when the imes right but until then its just a waiting game well just have to see what will happen on Monday aprill 20th 1992 and as I have already said how they came back as we wore the same clothes and did every thing as we did that night back in 1987 then in 1993 trouble broke out in my time in Braintree and by 1994 I was gone but on October 30th the night before I left as I said before the old man with the horse appeared out side the window again as I went to give the horse his carrot there he was sitting up high with his black top hat and his beard of redbrown and he said in his deep voice Tottenham is where your going then my dear and where you go ill be there remember this theres no time here and love is stronger than any other bond on earth or heaven wheres theres life or death there is love and heaven is love as I looked into his eyes there was more bluer than I seen them before remember my dear ill be waiting to come back and tell you who I am and then they was gone and on Halloween night I was in Tottenham when ted came around I told him what had happened at plainsfied with the old scrap dealer so ted said youll see him again but who is he you must have some idears tedi said ?youll must be patent you have all the time in the world to wait just except the ennvitable end result what will be will be so stop worrying and in two years time wee will return to try and find the ghosts once again like we did twice before on aprill 20th 1996 but then in that year died and I never returned I often think what would of happened if we had of gone back would the headless horceman made the 3dr appearance would I of saw the figer of the man in the shadows who knows and it wasn’t till reasontley that I found out as I came face to face with himwith his gun powder smell I suppose id known him for the best part of my life and I can only assume that his patner on the horse must be one of the plotters whos head was cut off before his death in 1606 so who is the most lickly canadate well it could be thoumas winterits one of thous unanswered questions to be answerd one day but I wonder if the headless horseman stillrides in the village on aprill the 20th but he problery no rides solo on his own and even today hes still talked about in withams schools so what of the other ghosts from my past like the ghosts of the monks as they flouted across the road on the way to Bristol via warburton from glouster they all say that people there have seen battels taking place on that road from long ago

guy fawkes back in 1987 I didn't realise was standing at the side of the lamp out of view that night

guy fawkes back in 1987 I didn’t realise was standing at the side of the lamp out of view that night

ptdc0490imageimagereddDSCF0080imagePTDC0162DSCF2046 and the Braintree ghosts of bank street that walk there

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