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REAMEMBER REAMEMBER THEE 5th of November 1605 as this is part two of the gudio fawkes story of the lead up to the gun powder plot of 1605 starring Robert winter Robert gatesby christoper kitwrightjohn jack kitwright bates .Thomas percyand not forgetting the scondrall little jimmy the first of the country of Scotland home of lockland nessythe boys were the knights of the 15th centre as they rode there trusty steeds through the English country side so lets return to 1320then on to 1601 and the gun owder plot dynnargh welclome falite croeso

November 3, 2016

as we all know that in march 1603 newyears eve as it was then ,when james the first of Scotland took over from queen Elizabeth the first as she had no airs to the thrown how ever in 1320 the new law was passed to bring the act of treason to the staue book james the first was born in 1566 it seemed from accounts that james the first proved to be a total pig and like all men promist all and ditch the lot he became unpopular and in the winter of 1604 did his most piggish thing yet at Hampton court palace near London, he rowed with the catholic preasts it seemed that the king was a diddpicable nasty little man who was lazy unreasonable pig ,and said openany that all catholics should be reamooved from England and told to leave and that the religion was banned and if court pratising it you would be beheaded and in some instances fined .it seemed that after all his promises it all came to nothing ,it be said that in a house called medieval place which is in warick shire in 1591 a bloke called farther garnet and a lot of his devoted followers had to stand in water up to there bellys so that woulnt be found out .the situation became so bad that it set the stage of james the first getting his just cooperance in this day and age he would of had his pants pulled down and had his back side slapped or tar and featherd .so the catholics had to find recsure to stay its latin word ,so lets look at the men an indepth profile so lets start with Robert gatesby back in 1601 him self and the earl of Essex hullo darling the Essex saying supported a attempt to get the queen reamooved from the English thrown in that year ,after all it be said that they wasn’t going to put up with the situation any more let alone a upstart called james the first to start playing up ,in 1604 a piece deal was sorted out with spain it was a time to let there onions to come back into the shoppes ,once again ,both gatesby and his mates was concerned when the government wanted to get rid of the catholics in England .in the march of 1604 spring of that year the plot was told to blow up parliament in London .and then james would be no more ,so gatesby had a meeting with his cousins Thomas winter and jackwright at the time they was all from the west midlands and all the gun powder plot guys was either married or realated it was only guy fawkes that came from the north Yorkshire Thomas percy sat with the others and listen over a pint of ale and proberly a ciggy or two with Robert gatesby saying the desease reqires a sharp remody .Robert gatesby was a hot rod love machine he had the looks the charm and like all bad boys they flutter there long eye lashes and they know they can get what thay want with there puppy dog look any one is trapped and like all alfa males any one can saubbcome to there maculineity  but it be said not only was the gun pwder plot guys handsome they was brilliant swords men and knights of there time just ammagine your walking down the olde lane and wow this love machine on his trusty steed comes by .from the flanders introduction of the welsh soldier hough owenthat introduced guy fawkes unlike the other poor olde guy was not from the landed gentery mind you saying that Robert gatesby in the past lost his home in Oxfordshire for annoying the queen .tis be said that they all had inscribed on there swords thee passion of Christ it seems that they would of rode there steeds through the west midlands country side to places like bredewode burtwood Cannock hednesford maybe uttoxeter ,next time it will be the the run up too the plot of 1605 as guy fawkes and the others go to the duck and drake pub near the houses of parliament so until

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