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and now its time to look in the last in the series of guy fawkes from 1570 tojanuary 31st 1606 and back in 1986 and today in the 21st centery dynnargh,welcolme falite croeso

November 7, 2016

aswe all know the story about guy fawkes and the others tom winter Robert winter Robert gatesby and kit wright and john jack wright and the others but today if you ask any one to name the gun powderplotters of 1605 no one could tell you only guy fawkes is the only one that’s reamembered  from that time .so lets look at the man and now the ghost that still is a pa

rt of modern life as he as allways been I suppose you could say boudica and the ghostr when I went to the first vist to the tower of London back in 2014 December 9th of that year I never in my wildest dreams would expect to encounter the great man .in thee little room with thee pic of the olde man in the blue coat as he hangs on the wall .as the letters in black on the top left hand corner spelt out the name of gudio as I took the pic .but little did I know on my three subuquent vists to the tower that I would learn more about this great icon of English past ,on my vist to the white tower and there again the following week that I would feel and smell his preasants in the white tower you may not know but its not marked in the white tower on the second floor just before you go into the armerory is a little door that’s roped off as you look down the narrow stares there a little door above it is an arch but no name is above it .how strange how ever as I looked down the stares I got this strange feeling of ommotion and the sence of pain like never before all I wanted to do was burst into I felt a sence of someone was down there as I heard like a cry for help .as you know I took the pic of the room and every thing init as I went up the stares ,as I looked at the narrow winder all of a sudden I could smell this like a match had been blown out and the smell of camper you get as I took the cameria to take the pic this figger faint appeared many in mononchrome black and white but as I looked youc ould see  a tall broad man roughly about 6ft 2 ins with a red curly hair and moustache and these blue eyes they looked sad and I felt a great sence of disspare and greaf but the most suppriceing thing of it all was the smile it seemed that he was pleased to see me .suppricingly there was no one behind me or in frount of thee ,as I coulnt move as I was trainfixed by this handsome beast as then he smiled all the more and then gave a wink with his left eye then vanished as I thought id be jiggerd as I went on my way even thou I wanted to go back whenst the way I came any way I came out the white tower and lit up a ciggy as I looked at the ravens and reamemberd the gentall author did a bit on his world wide blog spittlefields life .a raven called merlin,as I looked at the side of the tower a busy was swaying in the wind .I didn’t take much notise at first but then I felt this weight upon my shoulders like ice as like the wind was blowing hard all of a sudden at the side of the white tower this figger came again as the finger pointed at the bush ,then it was like it was trying to say something as I looked at him but he was faint on this day I proclaim that I doth say that one day thee ye will be thine and when time come ye and thee will be thus again as I looked he was gone and I ran as fast as I could as I came out the tower this wow sex on legs beef eater said you allright mate ,as you know the tower of London was once a fully operational prison even today its well garded and at any time could be returned to a prison again ,there was a lot of unexplained things in my vists to the tower why did the camera start smoking lucky the sim card was in the bottom ,why on the snappy snapps computer the pics was on there in the shop but yet on cd they was not it was blank and why on ctv as they keep a record no mension of it and why was I not on the ctv but as you know I gotr some pics on my last vist to the tower I did get the one in the winder of the room by the olde coin exchange.and on the tarrow reading guy fawkes appeared at the backjof thee as my friend trissa who a brilliant fortune teller told me theres a link between you and guyfawkes if you think about it it all makes sence like after my second vist to the tower as I sat down the candle a red 8inch one burst into life and why did guy fawkes name appearer on one side as I went to it and mine on the other aS I TRYED TO BLOW IT OUT I JUST COULNT DO IT IT WAS LIKE SOMETHING WAS STOPPING ME AS I LOOKED AT THE TALL UPRIGHT FLAME IT WAS A BRILLIANT BLUE AT THE BOTTOM YELLOW AND BLACK IN THE MIDDLE BUT ON THE OUTSIDE IT WAS BRILLIANT RED NOW THATS A MESSAGE OR WHAT

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