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guyfawkes the story of himself and the gunpowderplot of 1605 remember remember thee 5th of November dynnargh welclome croeso welclome in 1604 London was a very different city to what it is today as lets take a look at times in the city and did you know tis been said that gudio guy fawkes confession and signature is in the lobby of thee houses of parliament

October 31, 2017

in 1604 guyfawkes changed his name to john Johnson and found a place to stay near the houses of parliament he took on the role as servant come body gard. in London the houses was made of wood and built very close together the streets had markets and some houses u lived upstares whilst your animals lived underneath in the east end of London tis be said that the nickolas nickaby estate could of been a example of such dwellings in use there wasn’t many brick built buldings the tower its self was made of it back in thee 10th centery a place to hold prisoners .there was no drainage so if u was unlucky enough to pas by an open winder where rubbish was throun out of them people fell into two catagrees the mainly poor the grout was worth about 4d so you got 4 to one shilling the streets was cobbled and dirty next time I talk about my first meeting with guy fawkes and you woulnt belive the pain I felt and sadness it was emmmence and that smile wow I was blown away as he fluttered his long eye lashes at me

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