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some pics at my time at ash towers so lets start with easter2017 and guyfawkes who came in on filming of his decorations on November 4th 2017 dynnargh welcolm falite croeso

November 25, 2017

in my time here the great picture taker kate peters has come to take a few of the occations of the year ie the harry decorations .September 15th which sadly she coudnt make then the birthday decorations on November 6th .the guy fawkes decorations November 5th 1605 the most spookey ones I ever did and now due to a lot ofdelays the headless horseman and this time the full story about what happened back in 1986 the time that was never written when in 1991 on aprill 20th we went again and the following easter back in 1992 next time now ive got to brave the first snows of the year at 39degrees farenhite brr wheres a nice warm big bear to cuddle ?23805486_10155780618617744_1766390661_n20196829_10155432599172744_774022473_n23805486_10155780618617744_1766390661_n

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