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parte two of the ghostlamp and the vist of the ghost guy fawkes when back in august I was told that I would soon be dead dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 8, 2017

so lets return as guy fawkes comeuth with me as the lamp lights up the south side of the light all of a sudden things goes very dark all of a sudden im back at the farm as guy fawkes says come my dear thus will afford the luxuary of time .as the pigs keith and paul are as thay used to be eating as the lamp flickers now my dear you never had thee chance to say good bye now this is youre only chance to do thus this but can thay see me I said thou can do this as I reach down as paul comes I bend down and kiss his head and say goodbye darling as paul just stands there as keith comes and pushes his head into my legs as I reach down and kiss his head and kiss him as I say I so miss you both all of a sudden all goes dark as the lamp fickers and lights uop the west side of the glass as guy fawkes says now lets go back to 2009 where are we don’t you reamember thus be out side rubber jonnies shop in hcambridge heath road thus doth say on youre only time that in youre life that you had found one moment be it so sort that you experanced happiness comeuth with me do I have to I sauid yes come here you are look my dear as you enter ye enters the shop in your yellow leather as I see my self looking at the things he has on sale .as I go to leave rubber jonnie was standing there wringing his hands together as he allways did .as he turns to say you know you was in the new white chair shop in sclater street the other day the bloke who you haven’t met before with Darren is his brother paul and he likes you a lot as I go on my way I felt at last a man actually likes me I cant belive it as guy fawkes wrapps his clock around me and says as the lamp lights up the east side comeuth my dear as its time for you to return to the market no I cant as guy says I feel youre pain of a broken heart but you must all of a sudden we in pauls shop but nothing is mooveing as guy says watch my dear he knows your hear well his sprit does what have to say to ye its your only chance my dear go to him as I kiss him on the cheek and I say im so sorry it didn’t work out that I will allways love you and never forget you handsome as I stand there as I look at him I see a tear on his face time for us to go as the lamp starts to flicker wildly whats happening I say its time for you to return my dear all of a sudden im back in my living room looking at ones self in thee chair as guy started to fade as he says we have the link you are so loved more than you never know my love all of a sudden he appears in body comeuth let me hold you once again as I felt his body against mine and then he was gone as the lamp fades don’t forget youll be visted by two more ghosts tommrow night

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