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this is guido fawkesi was told that when I went to thee tower of London back in December 9th 2014 that fawkes had been waiting for me to return to himafter 412 years he waited

September 6, 2019

so after 419 years I finally wrote thee book on face book about thee link between guy fawkes and I thee link that guy forged by cutting our wrists and joining of our wrists together guy knew that if any thing would of happened to him he knew that as long as I was alive that he would still live on I was told back in july 2015 by trissa at thee white witch shop who is one of thee most powerfull mediums on thee planet that guy fawkes was standing behind me when I had my tarot cards read I was told that their was thee most powerfull link that has ever been two people that guy forged even today I still got a mark on my wrist that still bears thee scar it seems that over 419 years thee bond we have between us will never die when I visted yorke back in july this year as I walked thee streets it was like I never left I was told that I had lived a paste life their when guy and I lived together in 1605 and in November Tuesday 5th 1602 we was married in secret by farther garnet thee wedding ceromey was held out side York it was a cold November day with snow snow showers christipher and jack kit wright was witnesses they went to school with guy and thomas wintor also came

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