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As you all know that their is A unbreakable link between myself and Guido Fawkes i went to York but I had no map couldn’t get one but it was like I’d been their before in a past life as you may know Yorke is thee most haunted city in England here’s Christopher and Jack kit wright of thee village of welwick near York and also guy Fawkes they went to school in 1580 in Yorke as you may know Christopher and jack kit wright was born in welwich near yorke christoper was born on 31 January 1570 jack thee eldest one was born in 1568they went to school with guido fawkes but sadly to day thee two brothers have been forgotten along with Thomas and Robert wintor there is a never been unvalued statue somewhere bup north of thee lads of thee gun powder plot of 1605in Yorkshire its called plot come on na then tha mun ramethissen ? tha knaws its plot terneet yon gurt big bonfire roaring up an roosastin awf ot street thers nowt like plot fer Yorkshirecheer nag even to put guy but don’t put guy on top as its bad taste when guys thee guest6ah m stalled of all new fangeld ways olde customs are reet best » 69589923_2296722903991493_582127446254419968_n

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