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so lets look at when I visted York back in july 2019 as I walked down gilly gate I had thee strangest feeling id been there beforeas I walked down saint peters gate andaround thee city but thee strangest feeling of all is when I was out side st peters school where guido andchristopher and jack kit wright went to school with guy back in thee 1580s then as it went cold it was like someone

September 12, 2019

was watching me when I took thee pics I looked on my fone and appeared jack and Christopher kit wright they came from welwich near yorke it was a small villige then in thee 1500s but guys grand father was once thee mayor of York William Harrington when guys father died Edward guy aqired some land from his dad in Clifton and in 1590 he sold it before going to fight in ffanders but guy was a very good boyfriend in my paste life but he made sure that joining our wrists together and in 1583 he and I drank thee potion guy said he brought from a wize woman as he said at time that thee and me will allways be joined it was like an insurance policey if ant thing happened to him then he knew by thee links he forged that we would never be parted in this world or thee next over thee years since I took guys pics at thee tower of London he has made his self be known for me im glad he is in my life hes family and writing thee book it was like only yesterday but it was over 425 years ago heres thee pics and when I married him back on Tuesday November 5th 1602

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