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this is guy fawkesits not every day that you see a 16th century ghost but im thee only woman who has

September 12, 2019

I never thought that when I went to thee tower of London back on 9th December 2014 that of all thee ghosts that haught there that it would be thee great guido fawkes that would give me such a cheeky smile and a wink with thous powerfull blue eyes he has made my heart go all of a flutter,but after my three vists there it was when I went to see triisa a very good friend and medium that on thee strat of my tarot card reading that she was in such pain when she said of by thee way as thee lights started flickering you have a powerlink behind you is guido guy fawkes wow I thought as I felt this cold icey fingers on my shoulder like I did at thee tower of London as once again I smelt this smell like lighted matches and thee pain I felt like in thee tower I came home and cryed but in a away it was like I knew guy for a life time and in yorke I was told its my paste life theres more than heaven and earth and that guy and I was once married on that cold November day

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