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Thee return to 1605as I returned to London to do a special filming and story about Guido Fawkes and I and thee book I wrote with him they could never could find thee missing link but I was told by a medium back in 2015 that guy Fawkes and i have a unbreakable link between us that was forged over 4centrys ago back in my past life in Yorke in 1583

November 11, 2019

as ye may well know I returned to London back in October to do thee story about my husband guido fawkes and our link that’s lasted over 400 years they say love never dies and heres living prove of that it was an expoerance going back to thee tower of London as I saw one of thee plotters signature everand digby wow as for my gtuido he made his self known as he saw I was in pain as we was leaving thee white tower there was this almighty crash as we walked down to ground leavel

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