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So let’s look at who else who was parte of thee gunpowder plot of 1605as you know to be a Catholic in 17th century england was hell as for Guido Fawkes when he decided to marry back in November thee 5th 1602 hewanted only a few people to know about it ones that attended was Guido and I and witnesses Christopher and jack kit wright as we being thee Yorkshire Catholics and of course father garnet who performed thee ceremony it was a bitterly cold day wyth snow showers guy who was on special leave from fighting In Flanders so it was organized very well out side Yorke

November 13, 2019

Guy was and still is a man of great skills and wyth his army training could organise with precise pressission and timing a man of strong faith on his sword bears thee words thee passion of Christ  in which back on April 13th 1583 by thee older oak tree him and I joined our bloods in guys words that we would never be parted as he stabbed his and mine wrists and held them together and said that you and I have joined our body’s and souls on earth and thee and me on thus said day can and will not be parted as thou douth say that you are and allways be thine for Guido Fawkes you could say its like an insurance policy even today guy has been seen by my side by many medium s its our secret that for many century s has been kept safe until now its seems that love lives on and will never die as for thee others Christopher kit wright of welwich and tom wintor of thee Midlands Catholics and jack kit wright of welwich spirits live on as for thee others Robert castesby Thomas Percy bates Everard’s digby and farther Garnet have all passed over to rest in peace thee 17th century was a terrible time for Catholic s 75322606_2356120381385078_5159646471561150464_n

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