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Husband Guido Fawkes and I will be wyth you for a Christmas special

November 17, 2019

75513470_2356045621392554_1102870184827289600_nFor many century s it been our secret from our marriage on November thee 5th back in 1602 it was a bitterly cold day wyth snow showers out side from Yorke Guido was so scared that we would get court if thee authorities found out in 1602little jimmy thee first made being a Catholic hell in many cases you would be made pay fines and many Catholic s had to pray where no one could find us thee wedding was a secret affair wyth Christopher and jack kit wright. And Thomas wintor thee holy  father that did thee ceremony was a good friend called father Garnet we signed thee register and Guido had our marriage document but in 1605 he said lass can you stitch it into my coat color so if need be that there would be no way any body would find it over thee years people could never find thee missing link Guido was cleaver but for us our link to our past present and future will always remain from time to time Guido will appear like yesterday i get his favorite news paper thee daily telegraph here he is but watching me at thee same time 75424562_2356651921331924_8915473596705406976_n69752117_2304997579830692_4271000558149566464_n see you at Christmas

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