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and heres a chaptor from our book about guido and I our life in yorke in 1602you could say its a love story that is stronger than any thing on heaven and earthwe between us wrote 62 chaptirs this is only one parte of our storyand in thee book we talk about our son wich was born on November 5th 1604 guido was elatedso enjoy this snap shot of giudos and my pastfrom us to all of you

November 18, 2019

Parte.12thee night of our wedding as thee missing pages of thee ghost story from November 1602 Tuesday so let’s return to thee ghost story as husband guy Fawkes said eigh. Up wossa matter missus .nothing I said but what’s with thee sword guy said it’s men’s business lass nothing for thee to worry about but I’ll earken this lass eigh up did you like it yes husband as guy said I knew thee would under stand yes husband I said as he put his arms around me and said your just what I always wanted and not to big as I’m a breast man and yours lass are more than enough for me just his I like them not to big Mr Fawkes I said and you husband are just what I want as well as guy said I see it was early night for thee last night .yes husband I know as I can read your thoughts I know husband shame I can’t read yours Darling I said as guy said that’s men’s business your not to supposed to know only that I’m true to you as he went to thee top of his boot and said close your eyes lass I did and he opened my hand and put in it some coins a few Grout’s it felt like now open them wow guy what’s this for as guy said I had a bit of a windfall from some land my Dad left me in Clifton .I see husband thank you its yours to look after your self so you have a bit if brass to use on rainy day like I don’t know what to say husband I said my wedding peasant to thee as he kissed me as then he and I went to our room end of parte 12thee missing chaotir

and even to day Guido after we do our shopping will sit and read his faviorte news paper thee daily teligraph he also will watch emmerdale wyth me

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