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Solet’s talk about my husband Guido Fawkes in our past life togetherfrom thee first time I met him on that day by thee older oak tree Yorkshire men in thee 17th century if asked if they was courting any one thee answer they would give would be summer and nought but with in three days Guido Fawkes had already told Christopher kit wright about us

November 19, 2019

As thee time went by our love just grew guy was Lind hearted and a gentleman if there was a puddle he would carry me over it and what a smile every meal time before eatting we said thanks we only eat meat in thee week as it was mostly fish guy had a great since of humour in thee home he would carry thee wood in gir cooker for fetteling that was my domain guy would never conceplate doing thee dishes and it was my job to cut his hair and beard and wash it and his toe nails to say he was thee perfect husband well he was a very protective man as for jack kit wright and Christopher kit wright that to was kind and good friends of ours but they all had their secretive side as Guido used to say that’s men’s business and even today had s ghost still looks at me in thee ways that he always did guys a great friend as well as family

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