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coming up husband Guido Fawkes and I return to yorke on sunday 24th of November dynnargh welclome croeso falite

November 21, 2019

over thee centurys husband Guido has many looks back in our past life in 1580s as we played around thee olde oak tree where Guido carved our names back in aprill thee 11th in 1583 as he said thee tree wyth thee and me names will allways be and when we grow olde wyth our bairns we can show them what we did as he had this look of satisfaction on his face if any one asked in them days if a Yorkshire man was courting you would get its something and noubt but in our case Guy fawkes had all ready told Christopher and jack kit wright that we was one and that would allways be but Guido was normally a quite private man so for Christopher and jack to know was quite a admission even today my Guido will stay and look at me wyth his powerfull blue eyes as for Christopher kit wright he will vist and wyth his eyes look like you feel undressed by all of their preasnt when trissa told me back in july 2015 about my husband and our link that is unbreakable but when I die husband will come wyth me as well as Christopher kit wright and jack kit wrights spirts as I was told a few years later by another medium that I was a olde sprit and I came back to earth to find husband Guido for me its a marriage that’s lasted over 423 years I didn’t think back on thee %th of November a Tuesday as we stood in frount of farther Garnet on that icey cold day in thee eyes of God that our marriage would last as long but im glad it has Guido is one of thee most caring realiable men ive ever known wyth his reddish curly hair and that smile as for Christopher and jack kit wright they was and still are toal gentlemen wyth kind hearts as well as Thomas wintor as for farther Garnet in life he was very pleasant on our meeting but sadly he sufferd thee same fate at a later date as tom and bates and my husband did I would like to think that Christopher and jack kit wrights familys of welwich near York would think well they they wasn’t so bad after all

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