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As husband Guido Fawkes and I leave thee uttoxeter twilight zone and return to Yorke as you know back in 1580s I lived in Yorke and when I revisit there its like going back in time

November 26, 2019

Yorke is a truly magical city with do much to visit and see from thee shambles where Harry potter films d6gone alley it was called in thee film and yorke in Viking times in thee 8th century was very different we went to visit thee Christmas market and go to our haunts like low st Peter’s school where guy Fawkes with Christopher and jack kit wright went there Christopher and lack came from welwich Yorke hasn’t changed in over nine hundred years so even today as we walked thee streets it was just like when we did our shopping in 1602 and 1605 Yorke has its ghosts and it has a magic of its own thee men are truly amazing and sexy with their hipnoctic blue eyes wych aß Yorke man looks at you makes you go week at thee knees and they have a smile that can warm thee coldest of hearts we walked along stone gate copper gate castle gate pavement as we herd thee peel of Yorke minster bells and thee sound of thee brads band oppisit for me there will alleays be a piece if Yorke in my heart as for Guido Fawkes and I he was and still is thee most wonderful man I’ve ever met and our links as strong today as its all ways been love never dies as thee centurys passes it grows stronger so if you ever get thee chance vist Yorke go on it will be thee best thing you ever did

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