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coming upas husband Guido Fawkes and I get ready to do our Christmas decorations in times gone by in thee 17th century we didn’t cellibrate Christmas as we know it todaydynnargh falite croeso welcolme so lets quickly return to yorke in 1584

December 3, 2019

Husband Guido and I have allways got on and as we grew up wyth our friends at thee time Christopher Kit Wright and his older brother Jack john kit wrightof welwich a village near yorke we very rarely played together only to run about in thee city of yorke as Guido

used to play his war games he would allways play thee king and would allways win thee only time I was allowed to play if I was his trusty steed after a few yards Guido would fall off my back much to ammauzement of Christopher and his brother .but as time went on it was just my self and Guido as we was best friends and told each other every thing but one day back in may that year 1584 it had been raining as we looked in thee puddle as I notised my Guido had got like stubble on his face as I toughed his face it wasn’t smooth it was rough, once the buildings and thee world look ever so big but now as we grew up every thing looked thee a little smaller and when I knew I was meeting Guido I had a strage feeling in my stomack like butter flies when I said to my guy about this he said I have thee same thoughts

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