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coming up husband Guido and i we go back in times to 1604 for a phtoshoot special and christmas in thee 1970s

December 6, 2019

Theres nothing like a home Christmas in thee days of thee 17th century in Yorke christmas was something different as it is now but this year both husband and i have pulled out all thee stopps thee silver christmas tree after 7 years is back out of its box and alrady up pics coming soon ,as for husband Guido he watches on and also we have two other visting ghosts Christopher and John Jack kit wright in thee past few monthes i sent various news papers our 2020 callendar mainly up north i thought our story after all these centurys thee secret has been kept but sadly no interset so im very dissapointed it has been so far that Guyfawksa and our true story was on in internet on november 4th any way christmas trimmings to do so untill thee next time

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