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as guido and i have been putting up our christmas trimmings it taken nearly two weeks but we are getting there heres our christmas storyas you know my husband Guido fawkes was born on a monday 13th 1570 hes an aires

December 9, 2019

so lets return to yorke back in 1604 a wednesday 1st of december of that year in thee city which in them days was surrounded by fam land villiages like welwich where christopher and jack kit wright lived wyth here mother ussala Robson and Robert Kit wright ,thee geeeze are getting fat and a gobberling down on thee farm .thee ducks are a quakking as they woddel down thee clifton road .thee swans are flying from ye river floss to witby as they fly over head they get a birds eye view of yorke thee chickens are a laying and wyth shops in thee brambles wyth there candlelights fikkering in thee winders as we walk by as we debate what to buy wyth so much to choose from thee turkies would be later a gobberling to in futer years as in thee city thee smells of fires burning as we walk on our way as shoppers go buy wyth goodies in there hands as we walk along copper gate and stone gate holding hands and st peters gate as soon we are greeted by chris and jack as we talk about things in general but not mens stuff soon we say our good yes and are on our way as we goe homwe

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