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it was 5 years ago when i first saw my husband Guido Fawkes in thee tower of london on thee 9th of December 2014 it was to change my life for ever but for me i at last found what i felt i lostmany years before as 5 years later we still are together

December 9, 2019

even today this morning i was a woken by this blue envelope on top of me i looked at thee clock as thee room went very cold and every thing stopped as standing in frount of me was husband in his grey colloured uniform as he looked at me wyth his powerfull blue eyes and that smile as i went to touch his curly reddish beard this time i could once again feel it normanly i can put my fingers right through his immage as once again in over 423 years i felt his manley body next o ine as he kissed me and said thou douth not say that once again i proclaim that thee missus will allways be thine thee power of this world and thee next cant ever take our love away as love is stronger than thee universe its self in any time as he kissed me once again as i felt his brisserly beard against my lips as he said happy anniversary darling lass i love you then he was gone but hes back now as he usaly is wow im totaly blown away as i looked at my card wyth guidos signature in it all i have to say is happy anniversary Guido darling x

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