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Thee presence of husband Guido Fawkes in my life

December 12, 2019

Over thee years my husband Guido from time to time when I need him will come to my rescue take for instance thee time when he appeared in his own way when thee gentle author and I went to do thee filming at thee tower of London as. He knew I was in pain as I have three blood clots as we left thee white tower there was this Almighty crash from above as I turned to thee gentle author and said husband Guido has made his present known but on our 5th anniversary he suppriced me by materialiseing in front of me usually if I touch him I can put my hand through him but this time in over 400years I felt his manly red breard again as he held me in his arms and kissed me I felt his beard tickel my lips and that smile wow 5years ago thee BBC did a program about thee plot I watched thee first program but when it came to thee last program guy wasn’t having it and thee set went wrong thee same thing happened when channel 5did a plot program g7y can be very protective in thee local photo shop he made thee lights flicker i brought a book about him I read it until thee near end of it but I didn’t finesh it thee book just disappeared yesterday we brought our cards when I came back a card was on my bed and wow he signed it wow I looked on line about thee gun powder plot thee man that played him cor sexy hot babe or what but he has dark hair my Guido has reddish curly hair

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