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so lets look at Guidos guy fawkes and our christmases past

December 16, 2019

so lets return to thee braintree years and thee paper honey comb bells i brought in braintree woolworths back in 1984 then thee gold christmas tree from thee uttoxeter twilight hatefull zone do you know they are still making my life a living hell at ash close they wont be happy till ive left and heres thee vist to Islington in northan london and yorke theres no place like home so to you all from guy Fawkes and i have a merry little christmas 48414202_2122884021375383_3824091374001586176_o15403680_1689605031369953_212503342336921612_o78910885_2386153415048441_8835117129419194368_n48414202_2122884021375383_3824091374001586176_o


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  1. December 17, 2019 10:04 am

    Merry Xmas and many thanks for your emails about your adventures. I find your story very interesting. All the very best for Xmas and the New Year ahead. ….Tony

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