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This is Christopher kit wright and. Husband guy Fawkes

December 17, 2019

Husband guy Fawkes is always full of special surprises but I didn’t expect this one wow this morning at 330am in our 21st century time guy Fawkes always sleeps at bottom of my bed as I awoke but he wasn’t there as I looked at thee clock and Christopher kit wright ghost was sitting beside me as thee clock stopped ticking as guy appeared in front of me and pulled me off thee sofa and said you trust me wife don’t you as he kissed me his lips was warm as I could feel his breath as thee room went very cold as I looked at my self as Chris said you look so peace full as g
Husband guy said lass you wimmin your will be OK hold my and Christophers hand tight but I’ve got no lippy on and thee phones on charge don’t worry lass guy said alls in hand trust me I’m your husband men’s word is best erchon this as he kissed me again ready missus can I wave good bye to my self no said Chris no need for that we won’t be long all of a sudden we was standing by thee olde London bridge as we looked at thee houses and thee people rushing here and there as they went about their business thee air was chocking as I said to husband what time is this he said its back in our past life its Friday July 8th 1605 do you remember my love we walkemd along here yes I said husband as guy said this city caused us both heartake come lass he said let’s walk as we went along thee dirty streets there was filth and rubbish every where and people died in thee streets wyth shabby clot come wyth us guy said as we arrived out side thee old west minster palace as Chris said we must return to thee 21st century as I was back looking at my self as Chi’s kissed me on my cheek and went a black mist guy kissed me and said its time to return to your body Darling turn around as he held my hands allover a sudden thee clock started ticking and guy was at bottom if thee bed as he beggond me over I got into bed thee clock.said 33am like no time had passed at all as you know theres a link between myself and husband Guido but i was also told back in july 2015 that there was and is three other ghosts in my life that goes back to 1570 wyth christopher kit wright and jack john kit wright as you know in january 1606 thee 8th of jan at holbecke house in staffordshire little jimmy thee first of sctlands forces first of all set fire to thee mansion christopher and jack john kit Wright was drying gun powder by thee fire sadly some exploded and poor chris was partly blinded but then as Robert Catesby went out wyth his troops thee plotters they was all shot but as for husband Guido he was more cleavor than any one ever thought and his secret would last for many centurys they could never find thee missing link and im it through guy fawkes cutting our wrists on his birthday back in 1583 to thee powerfull mpotion we drank by thee olde oak tree in yorke as i knew christopher and jack of welwich very well and through GUys and our marriage back in november 5th1602 out side yorke guy knew that it was his insurance policey and our marriage licence would be safe sticked into thee color of his tunic and that he would protect his love for me untill we saw each other at thee tower of london back in 9th december 2014 even today Husband Guy Fawkes is a magor parte of my life and so is christopher wyth occational vists from his brother jack john kit Wright and thomas wintor heres some of our magical moments living wyth my husband Guido and christopher from paper bells going up to the celing like on there own but its Guys and Chries help to husband Guy watching thee 1970s swan coffee perculaor im never lonely living wyth my guy and for me i woulnt have it any other way and heres Guy under our duvet saying come on lass your olde man wants a cuddle 81202110_2396363170694132_8646203439581233152_n81211988_2396648930665556_8906861225204252672_o80735688_2394392597557856_3685171288172658688_n80774207_2396645463999236_572725642584391680_o80622782_2396981907298925_7455890864523444224_o79949998_2396201567376959_5477198263025139712_o80810460_2394688640861585_6914512977051779072_o80091182_2394688580861591_5940096369170579456_n80779464_2396981897298926_5745762383360425984_o79741813_2393726587624457_1736199692858949632_o80589526_2396647327332383_6298731326707073024_o81165879_2396645450665904_9208803361757855744_o15585155_1697195207277602_4488379203149871768_o79814749_2394212400909209_8982131905751154688_n81230738_2396098567387259_8229785710031273984_n15590741_1696441680686288_2275261499130362600_o79741813_2393726587624457_1736199692858949632_o79802622_2395813570749092_3629655949653835776_o79893838_2394212597575856_1012655144099119104_o80735688_2394392597557856_3685171288172658688_n

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