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it will be soon a new decade and new year if you would of said to me back in2009 that i would see husband Guy fawkes at thee tower back in December 2014 i would of said surly not but yes its true wow

December 31, 2019

at thee start of thee decade i was in london sadly ptor had gone off wyth some one else and then came mark d rought who after all his promises when i came unfortually dragged up to staffordshire its against my human rights as i told miss hogg thee housing officer thee woman at trent and dove has been a absolute swine rude unhelpfull after they addmited at trent and dove it was a misstake to bring me here but yet even bak in june thee police coulnt get her to be more help full and after numious attempts by some of thee neighburs to get me out now they up their game by tel;ling thee eaST STAFFORDSHIRE COUNCILL I PLAY AMPLIFIED MUSIC I ONLY HAVE A 2WATT RECORD PLAYER FROM 1950S THEY HAVING A LAUGH OR WHAT BUT YET THEE WOMAN UPSTAIRS HAS HER WASHING MACHINE ON 24 7 AND THEE THING IS SO NOISEY BUT YET NOTHING IS DONE AND YET AGAIN BECAUSE F THEE VIBRATION FROM IT IT BROKE MY OVEN ELEMENTS SO ONLY A CHEESE SANDWICH OVER THEE YEAR I RTURNED TO SEE OLDE FRIENDS FROM LO9NDON AFTER 3 YEARS IT WAS GREAT TO SEE THEM AND CHRIS AT SOUTHEND ON SEA TWICE AFTER THEE ALTERCATION WYTH BIG DICK AT ASH TOWERS WYCH FINALLY KILLED OFF THEE SITUATION THEN BACK IN OCTOBER I MET UP AGAIN WYTH THEE GREAT GENTAL AURTHOR TO RETURN TO THEE TOWER OF LONDON WYTH HUSBAND GUY FAWKES then back in july it was our first vist to yorke but i didnt expect to bump into my past life and it brought back a lot of happy memorys wyth husband Guy Fawkes and thee great people i met there so freind ly and i was asked by some where you been lass it was like id never gone away and then back in november we returneed to yorke thee men are amazing and thee warm greetings i got from them thanks to yorke men and i just want to go home back to yorke as for staffordshire it hasnt worked out but knowing Husband Guido and Christopher Kit Wright has been of many happy times of my life and i woulnt have it any other way we did our 2020 callendars and i sent a couple to thee press in yorke as i thought they too should see what guy fawkes looks like after all im thee only woman thats seen him and chrishave a happy 2020 to you all from boudica and guyt fawkes80389386_2399805433683239_238348235133943808_o81021761_2404111763252606_3697769973440053248_n81047363_2404578783205904_8721368171874877440_n81774558_2404111906585925_4959003144433434624_o81711015_2400815890248860_1919310396548710400_o81113441_2399805420349907_2863621109046050816_o80275155_2398019970528452_4397521073394941952_o80110222_2398063087190807_5757733440761888768_o80192513_2398019980528451_1389226301675536384_o80192846_2400191023644680_5045415172009623552_o80389485_2399805400349909_4267879882156933120_o80389386_2399805433683239_238348235133943808_o80275155_2398019970528452_4397521073394941952_o80507927_2404111859919263_7685058495393038336_o80192513_2398019980528451_1389226301675536384_o79649540_2397605330569916_7332949100712689664_o80585411_2404578776539238_8807433823223545856_n80774207_2396645463999236_572725642584391680_o81165879_2396645450665904_9208803361757855744_o81342649_2404158876581228_3102147619682516992_o80396833_2397605323903250_967503836543451136_o

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