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happy new year to you all from mr and mrs Fawkes Guido and i hope all your dreams come true as we enter thee swinging 20s

January 2, 2020

and heres Husband Guido and Christopher KIt Wright as yesterday we settled down holding hands to watch thee film on thee talking pics channel thee amazin g mr B lunden if you ever get a chance to see this 1970s ghost story about a family that helps two children ghosts from thee 1880s and heres husband Guido watching me making our triffel but then Christopher decided he wanted to see but my husband will not be triffeld wyth and our 1930s six inch christmas tree that goes wyth our yorkshire 1929 tree dont forget on january 6th that thee christmas decorations come down on old christmas day80835183_2406507196346396_4481339799717806080_o81182443_2406507156346400_5772836989611016192_o81133935_2407270486270067_3543350849583448064_n81315691_2407270576270058_3123622078205394944_o80971296_2406507106346405_857313688900599808_o82153779_2406102049720244_5516703836070215680_o81344113_2406507139679735_5753722920559968256_o81329193_2407270559603393_7731312368298229760_o81825132_2407270526270063_9023176155124989952_o thee thing is when Husband Guido yawns and beeing bodss of our household we all sleep see you all on november 5th 2020 untill then have a great year from Guido chris and Boudica

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