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thee pic has been lost for over five years but at last my first meeting wyth husband Guido fawkes has suddenly appeared from december 9th 2014 it would change my life forever but seeing him wyth that cheeky smile and thous piercing blue eyes wyth so much love in them i couldnt help but burst into tears ,

January 10, 2020

so lets return as i looked at thee pic of thee man in his blue tunic that hung on thee wqall in thee bloody tower as in thee corner thee letters ap[peared Gui as chris ran out im not having this he said as i stood there i felt a cold hand against mine as i looked and there he was as he said ive been lonely and waiting for thee missuss to return to me ive missed you so mush and kissed me as i lookeed at him husband i too wonderd about why in thee past thee lights on thee tube flickerd when i was on thee circle line as he said thou douth say that from thus said day that our love has allways been through out tyme and will allways be that my love for thee will always be and yours for thee as you know back in november 5th 1602 i marrieed guy fawkes we was married out side scarbrough by a friend so guy said calleed henry Garnet he was a preast heres thee pics from what i can reamember from my past life he was a very strong pleasant man who said to us nothing to worry about you to i can see your totaly devoted to each other 81656589_2415190725478043_522441806160330752_o82387415_2415211762142606_3807084793863077888_n81675154_2415140742149708_4786949735262978048_o81861550_2415140718816377_4068142947747495936_o81909020_2415144108816038_841516369689182208_n81678241_2415140708816378_2842327661919862784_n81759381_2415213782142404_5293479014009143296_o81953100_2415147818815667_7211820989921886208_o81717481_2415147802149002_1318362966243934208_n82191054_2415140735483042_4827429282336735232_o81953100_2415147818815667_7211820989921886208_o82486497_2415145112149271_7149465125710200832_o82869647_2415144282149354_1626695610407059456_o82016125_2415144508815998_6634452131208232960_o82191054_2415140735483042_4827429282336735232_o82819247_2415224125474703_3141893131075584000_o81656589_2415190725478043_522441806160330752_o it was supposed to be our 2021 callendar but as thee machine blew up husband guy Fawkes had other idears and this is our 1664 callendar

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