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so lets return to 1602 wyth thee callendar that was supposed to be 2021 but husband guido had other idears as thee machine in thee shop went wrong

January 17, 2020

for many years no one ever knew what my husband did in flanders he was trained to fight and he rose throu thee ranks under sir william stanley in 1590s guy knew and learnt about gun powder and knew how to use gun powder but it was to be his fate and this knowleage led to his parte in thee gun powder plot of 1605 also christopher and jack kit wright was also trained to fight and kill82297073_2421678828162566_1034116923878539264_o82394520_2421678588162590_8900747120215064576_n82395085_2421678788162570_4563387410376818688_n82396917_2421678648162584_3263287577083379712_n82401608_2420651841598598_6602944899664838656_o82317561_2420651801598602_5579724531154550784_n82599660_2421678654829250_5633375686363185152_n82855900_2421678631495919_3633860086981459968_n83003591_2421678634829252_7533191054556659712_n83016144_2421678724829243_3521569017431064576_o83106889_2421678768162572_2565054881211613184_o83630653_2421678771495905_5603940505957171200_n

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