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Coming soon Boudicca and Guido Fawkes exit from uttoxeter as we have been given thee green light by Trent and dove housing to leave but wyth no offers from any swaps in ether London or Yorke as husband Guido Chris and I try to work out thee best way for thee blue printed BGExit as we sit down and look at a tyme table

January 25, 2020

As you know after thee lies I was told by cirtain individuals that got me up here and I yth all his promises of a meet all he wanted was my money wyth his moving olde slags on into his home and thee ongoing problems here no answer or compromise could be reached and it came to a final end of wyth violence and thee biggorted back biteing as for husband Guido he’s furious thee place is not avplace to live if you don’t have transport this is end of parte one 83837767_2425517571112025_5016322708518993920_o82057913_2424447764552339_2326914964876427264_o

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