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as england gets ready to leave thee EU todayhusband GUido Fawkes and i start our GB exit from uttoxeter as also today its Jack John kit wrights birthday he is 412 years olde today happy birthday Jack and yesterday it was chrisytopher kit wrights birthday born on 30th Jan 1570 Jack two years olde born in 1568

January 31, 2020

as husband guido fawkes and i present our gb exit bill to thee other ghosts for a meeting wyth them on sunday at sunset Guido haS TO PRESENT A 3 LINE PARTRY WHIP AS MONDAY IS WASH DAY IN THEE ROLLS TWIN TUB I ALLWAYS USE aRIEL IT DIGESTS DIRT AND STAINS THAT ORDARY POWDERS LEAVE BEHING AS FOR HUSBAND gUY FAWKES HE ALLWAYS INSPECTS MY SMALLS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLEAN BFIRE PUUTING ON LINE81977542_2430625317267917_6658627935181733888_o82271093_2430625217267927_5307713987327033344_o82915498_2428255784171537_4477186295759634432_o82919152_2432154000448382_7076559181142032384_o83010093_2430625270601255_8814139985159520256_o83048586_2427383140925468_8149105904722116608_n83057921_2428255844171531_2621079035916058624_o83103400_2430625390601243_7952499881212379136_o83456189_2432153987115050_1782906710583672832_o83658442_2433198893677226_6607863010880913408_o83701750_2431613223835793_9186068751240396800_n84192515_2430625197267929_6104546337607385088_o84555004_2431613233835792_5490138063185117184_o83765999_2433202070343575_1201057582505000960_o83766389_2432153977115051_1373064378395394048_o83103400_2430625390601243_7952499881212379136_o

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