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it took over 5 years to write and over 412 years for my husband Guido GUy Fawkes to finlly agree that we should tell our long held secret to thee world you could say our book is like no other its our family album from 1570 to 2061

March 6, 2020

its taken so long to do and we wonderd at tymes when we would ever get it done but it is as Husband Guido gives thee thumbs up after all its been my husbands secret for many centuries but as he said back in 1602 that nothing on earth or thee laws of thee univerce its self could break our link where there is love on earth as in heaven above they thought in thee west minster hall back in January 1606 that when Husband Guy fawkes that would be thee end of him and thee other plotters but as little jimmy of scotland didnt realise that my husband was more smarter than he let alone any one else you could say its spits in thee eye of thee 17th century and as for reaencaination we we have proved you live on youre soul dont just die we just come back untill we have learnt enough before we go to heaven you have to hand it to my husband theres more to him than you first thought as they say theres more to life than heaven and earth our paperback book is priced at 18 angles thee angle coin was in genuaral circulation back in 1605 worth then 2[6d in todays money 12pounds it wyll be availible on november 5th 84357714_2461163764214072_2182403295484575744_o87529542_2461163794214069_5384830180961288192_o87790354_2461163807547401_3034404285933682688_o88183284_2461163840880731_8477854456883445760_o88224576_2461163847547397_2464957962548936704_o88166252_2461163820880733_8071758281070084096_o


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  1. March 7, 2020 7:07 am

    I would like to buy a signed copy when the book is published.

    Please keep me in mind and let me know when it is available and I will send the money to you.

    Kind regards from Wales

    Tony,,,( encodetry )

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