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As you know that it’s been often said that my husband Guido and I live between two world’s but one thing never changes and us being in lock down in leafy Staffordshire home of thee tweeds as I said to husband thee other end do you think I should wear earrings wyth my tweeds where outside a voice said simply not STAFFORDSHIRE so my husband Guido said wear earrings missus I give thee orders men’s law men’s business or he usually says men’s thinking ah but I can’t help but love my Fawky Bear

March 19, 2020

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Many households up and down thee country we go out on a Thursday night at 8pm to clap our NHS worker’s as well as postal worker’s delivery drivers and Andy and his shop staff in uttoxeter twilight zone in leafy Staffordshire Andy from Derbyshire brings a welcoming smile to all he.greets ah bless his cotton socks so let’s talk about presents how my husband Guido has shown him asda he’s made thee lights go out and.a meduim called Becky saw us together holding hands WYTH Jack kit wright and Christopher kit wright at my side in thee photo shop Joel witnessed guy Fawkes when thee light’s flickers at a talk in.thee society shop guy Fawkes came in thee gental author didn’t realise that he was being watched and in thee white tower we Hurd a crash as thee gental author said their goes another priceless artifact gone so what does thee press think well no comment so on November thee 5th don’t burn my husband on top of bonfire its bad taste don’ it as husband Guido is thee quest

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