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As at thee end of thee year husband Guido and Christopher kit wright and I wyll be retiring after 8and half year’s

April 2, 2020

After our meeting husband and I decided that on thee 31st of December 2020 we wyll retire it has been one of thee greatist experience writing two story’s on word press in thee early days in book one I wrote about my life as it was wyth thee people i met whil growing up and how badly that treated me and in thee later stages.ofy life thee meeting wyth my husband Guido Fawkes at thee tower of London back in December 2014 a life changing experience and once again thee love we have for each.other and thee London years would would of.thought that husband Guido and I would after over four hundred years would tell our secret and that Mark Rought would be thee final of thee flesh and blood men as for husband and are very happy in our book we talk about our son Tom.who was November thee 5th 1604 and another long held secret from my past life when I was told that my mother Mary had an affair wyth Robert kit wright in 1569 so Christopher and jack kit wright are my half brother’s and thee game my husband made for our son called thee conquest of Yorke guy had wanted our son to foot steps to be a soldier but Tom met his untimely end on.28th January 1606 when in Yorke he thought he saw his dad on thee other side of thee busy street and was knocked down and run.over by a horse and carte

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