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So let’s return to my husband Guido and our past life in Yorke in November 1604at thee tyme Guy Fawkes was excited about beeiñg a dad and when he noticed that I was large and swinging a cit he knew that his babby was on thee way mynd you. On thee 5th of November two months early when guy came up as it was our anniversary of two years when we was married by

April 12, 2020

farther. Henry Garnett out side Yorke in fact Scarborough wyth just Christopher and jack kit wright as in 17th century england being Catholic if court you would be fynde or imprisoned for your believe and Guido did everything he could so only us knew we sat down whilst husband had his dinner after a four days ride from London only to fynde he had to go for a local wyde wife and bring her to help WYTH thee birth as she insisted that guy wasn’t present he insisted that he stayed while I gave birth and was elated when he saw his son being born and said lass we wyll call him Tom Christopher a few days later my husband had to return to London but a few weeks later wyth a game he invented called thee conquest of Yorke as husband said it was to teach Tom thee value of money and winning as well as outwitting your opponent but sadly never got to play WYTH his son when it thee game he was going to give it to Tom on his 3rd birthday

you have to admit my husband is a very cleaver man

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