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Coming up next week as my husband Guido gives thee go-ahead for our decorations wych has been our secret forfive years when they first went up back in thee London years back on 22nd of April 2015/we call them thee decorations of secrets. Of our homeland here’s a tantalising taste of what’s they are like

April 15, 2020

For many years. We put our decorations to say hi to Yorkshire as husband said all this London living let’s have our day a year even thou we can’t visit we can still celibate our day just between our self’s as they.say you can take thee man.out of Yorkshire but you can’t take Yorkshire out of.thee men or’sy husband holding his Yorkshire honey comb balls

So this afternoon I asked my husband about why when he was in Flanders fighting in 1590; why I couldn’t come he said that if I’d of came thee war would of lasted a year later than it did plus he wanted to make piece not have another war wyth thee dutch if I’d of come but as I told him I would of had to protect you but he said fighting men’s business wife’s place is waiting for husband to come home you know I’m right lass don’t you Guido said

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