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Thee conquest of Yorke game wychy husband Guido Fawkes invented back in 1604you have to admit my husband was and is a very brilliant and cleaver man

April 17, 2020

We all know about my husband and thee plot of 1605 but no ever knew for many centuries what he looked like or even any of thee other men of Yorkshire until we let out our long held secret to thee world is letting you know that there is lots of sides to him as well as being devoted smart and very private and loyal man in our tyme.together like most couple’s we have seen and Guido has seen a lot but ones things for sure that we have thee longest marriage in history so thee concept of his game is to collect as as you go around thee board you have to pay various gate charges to thee gate keeper you have to admit guy Fawkes is very.cleaor to have a idear to educate his son.Tom.Christopher but as.we

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