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Thee day our TV set we had not long brought off a TV repair man as husband Guido went absolutely furious as thee thick black.smoke and flames come out thee back I was absolutely terrified as husband said thee flames wyll not hurt thee husband wyll protect thee lass

May 9, 2020

I was frozen to thee spot after unplugging thee TV as I saw all our money go up in thee room.filled wyth acread thick smoke husband and jack managed to get thee front door open and as I saw thee TV flouted out side as it hit thee path wyth a bang as we opened thee winders as thee smoke went but thee smell we contacted who said bad luck but wouldn’t give a refund so we have to use our older one but husband cant understand that it’s a 405/set and we have no rf converter box but husband reading his paper after giving me.lots of cuddles as he says. Its men’s business missus’s

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