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Thee amazing husband Guido Fawkes and thee day our TV set caught on fire it’s often been said that husband and I lyfe in between two worlds our past life and thee one of today so let’s look at thee everdenceafter all we never make a statement wyth out being able to back it up so first of all we lyke to thank all thee mediums who saw my husband ghost by my side and Christopher and jack kit wright ghost’s in pics that was taken to a sceptical person would fynd it hard to believebut its actual fact

May 12, 2020

Many years ago by thee older oak tree in Yorke in 1584/1583/1585 guy Fawkes and I made our pact by guy cutting our writs by joining our bloods and thee magical potions wych was so powerful you could day a great witch had helped WYTH our link end of parte oneIMG_20200506_173749

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