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Parte two of our story you could say husband and I lyfe in between two world’s or Luke Mrs Fawkes and her ghost’s

May 17, 2020

You never know what surprises wyll happen next thee other day we came back from thee uttoxeter twilight zone from shopping I said to my husband have you seen our Jack ? Husband said thou hasn’t as I was making our bed he appeared under thee covers and so did Christopher but they always sleep WYTH their hats on under thee covers you discovere all thee wonder full they are as husband was not pleased but as I told him haunted is tiering business lyke last night was Eurovision on TV so we had our slow dance wyth husband and Jack as they whisked me off my feet as I looked down as we lyke flouted around thee room and I.was 5inches from thee floor one of thee most magical experience I’ve ever had husband Guido lyke catch phrasesare that’s men’s business men’s thinking or men’s work as for what happened in 1604 when my husband said that he and I and Christopher and jack was thinking of visiting Dublin in Ireland he said we could of stayed WYTH my parents and Christopher and jack kit wright and husband would ask for assistance WYTH matter that would be of a benefit to all but he said thee idear was not pratical option after all after a meeting wyth thee other plotters of 1604/ but said missus’s thee rest is men’s business

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