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Dynnargh falite croeso welcome for many years as we wrote our story’s on here we introduced thee other four languages of thee UK Luke Welsh wych is my second language and Cornish kermow and Irish dia suit conas at a tu? As well as English it was to make you allaware that in thee UK there Are five different country’s including Scotland as you know I’ve have met many famous peoplefrom all partes of thee world and here in thee UK some have seen my husband Guido Fawkes by my side

May 25, 2020

Even thou some people wouldn’t believe it about my husband is a ghost and one Town council put fakes on their websites shame on you but wyth many famous mediums and witches ii know who can say that they have seen him and Christopher and jack kit wright ghosts by my side on spitlefields life blog phill said on thee comments page thee pic of husband Guido is genuine and on one talk I did back in July 2016 in thee society shop as thee lights flickerd this man in thee front row callasped and had to be hospital I’m glad to say he was back and said I never thought I’d see a ghost of guy Fawkes

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