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Thee story of thee tricity contessa middle 643 made in around 1960 over thee years tricity cookers made loads of electric cookers and fridges from Enfield Middlesex then they mooved to haven’t in heartfordshire where hurricanes hardly ever happen in 1987 tricity was taken over by electrolux and for over 80years they made them and there was even a Mr tricity they made various modules contessa marquis thee tricity president crown septor thee Viscount 636 and double Viscount made for thee electricity boards but I bet they wouldn’t of thought that a baby would spend its first night in thee oven as a cot till one could be brought no wonder I hate confined space

July 1, 2020

So let’s return to November 5th 1961 in may cottage where my mother lyfed it was thee night of bonfire according to what she said they was having drinks and cellibrating guy Fawkes night as my aunt was beeing chased by a jumping Jack fire work around thee garden at 1201 am my mother gave birth on thee kitchen table in front of thee tricity contessa thee midwife who was at thee party helped but I slipped off thee kitchen table and ended up in front of thee cooker my mother was furious as she said I was more concerned about thee cooker than you at thee party there was two strange bearded blokes that appeared she said they spooked everyone and woulnt leave till I was ok there was no where for me to sleep but I was told I was wrapped in a pink blanket after thee doctor called and I slept on a shelf in thee oven wyth thee door open for a couple of nights that was my bed you could say then I got a cot of my own

then of course that was that fateful day back in 1965 my aunt came down to take me to school as she started frying thee egg she had to leave oh she said just turn it over and turn thee ring number 3 out as thee egg started spitting and went hot fat in my eye I cryed wyth pain as I got in thee kitchen chair to reach thee knob thee chair slipped and I went wyth frying pan on floor when I got up thee ring had been turned off I walked up thee lane my aunt was in and told her she said don’t tell your mother my uncle gave me thee slipper and I was sent packing to clean up thee mess and repolish thee cardinal red floor as you know thee gentle author didnthee story in 2013 I found once again thee tricity contessa and after many years of beeing terrified to cook a cryed egg I could lyke going back in tyme to that day as I switched on thee ring 3 as thee eggt started to cook I felt a relieve now I can fry wyth no problems now but it wasn’t thee first tyme a electric appliance would be my bed lyke thee creada storage heater that I used to sleep on I tell you I used to get off it in thee morning and sparks would fly off me but I must admit I’ve never had a goodnight sleep since

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