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As my husband inspection of our cooker and Monday morning it’s wash day and baking day as he waits for his cake to be made and done in thee uttoxeter twilight zone

July 21, 2020

As my husband watches along wyth Jack our food mixer whych took along tyme for my husband to agree to let me have a food mixer as he said at thee tyme machanical things myght be to much for missus thinking men understand better such things but eventually I got my way and we got one as he says it’s my missus to make cakes and men’s business to eat them

jack helping wyth thee shopping
as my husband says that shopping is wimmins business and men’s business to help wyth thee bags lyke any couple we have to do our shopping mynd you lyke all men don’t lyke shopping very much as say husband it could be shopping for new shoes as he and our Jack look at each other and day more shoes missus well husband I’ve not got a desentd pair to wear now you wouldn’t want mr to go around in olde shoes now would you darling husband
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