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A happy yorksher day to everyone in yorksher from husband Guido and Jack and I

August 1, 2020

From welwich to Yorke it’s a county of wonder wyth it’s past of great people who lyke thee Vikings who came to yirkY in thee 10th century Yorke where our marriage and family and past lyfe is yorksheris a magical place from welwich to Selby to Sheffield to Barnsley to thee magical robin hood bay to Whitby to Scarbough wyth Yorkshire laugwich for example if I was to say to thee frame thissen or tak no gaum on im or chumpin and proggin or dooant thee fret chissen t,white roose o yorksher by gum it looks grand sin day it wor plucked hi yon royal and it’s been wer awn emblem an worn wi real pride or I could say to you spokken wokken Finnd blinnd nivver Watter so what does frame thissen mean get orginized so have a great Yorkshire day to one and all

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