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As my husband and Jack and Christopher and I prepared our BG exit bill first reading yellow paper documents for our meeting as we could not get any corroparation or help wyth thee ongoing problems wyth Staffordshire so it was tyme to return to a another tyme

August 12, 2020

As my husband saIMG_20200812_130224IMG_20200812_130718IMG_20200810_174658ys it’s tyme lass as I looked at my self but my spirit looked my husband said trust me you wyll return wyth us to 21st century tyme but it’s tyme to leave for now at least as Jack said you know Guido it’s never been done before for a flesh and blood lyfing woman to go to our world it might be to dangerous have no worries Jack my husband said as off we went where tyme there is none as my husband and Jack presentation of our bill was read as I held his hand soon it was thee votes they was thee right cheek got 65 votes thee one finger obstentions was three but thee two fingers to thee left won thee vote ready for our next meeting as my husband presentation of our GB blue paper bill and soon we was back in 21 at century tyme as I looked at my self and then things lyke they allways are wyth our Jack on thee bed and my husband sitting beside me holding my hand here’s Jack and Christopher in thee shambles in Yorke back in November 2019 and back in 2018 we did thee gun powder plot pics for our anniversary decorations and Jack and Christopher on thee Staffordshire stage coach after we did our shopping in thee uttoxeter twilight zoneIMG_20200812_125848IMG_20200811_215809

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