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Lyke all couples my husband and I usually sit and way our TV set and we go about our business lyke shoppingand we played thee other day poo sticks in thee river just lyke over four hundred years ago my husband’s stick won

August 15, 2020

Who would of thought that over four hundred years have passed us by and to lyfe in two worlds in a manor of speaking my husband along wyth Christopher and Jack presentation of our Staffordshire GB exit bill as we couldn’t fynd any cooperation from Trent and dove or any other council but my husband said I’m not leaving thee missus she wyll have to come wyth us as Jack said that it’s unheard of for a living woman to visit thee spirit world but my husband said permission had been abtainted permission granted as my husband said lass it’s tyme to go as I looked at my self sitting there my husband said your in safe hands wife as Jack said she looks so piecefull as husband said she’s allways lyke that as I watch her through every year and night as Jack said it’s tyme to leave 21st century earth as my husband said trust in ye before long after holding on my husband arm we went to thee place where there is no tyme as we entered thee chamber thee committee looked as my husband held my hand as they and Henry thee 8th said we meet again my dear long tyme since you revisited me at Hampton court yes your magisty I said as then he said we have been watching you my dear and lyke everyone on earth your records are written as Jack and Christopher and my husband presented their GB exit Bill thee bill was listen to all agreed that lyving in Staffordshire has been a total disaster and thee votes was passed as follows thee cheek to thee left lost to thee two fingers to thee right won by one vote and three obstentions to thee one finger as it was tyme to leave as Henry said thou hasuth been glad to see thee and visit Hampton court soon yes we wyll I said as my husband and Jack and Christopher have to present their blue paper bill for cthee vote and before long we was back as my husband held me and Jack kissed me as I returned too my self and my husband and I and Jack was on thee sofa again doing what we have always do IMG_20200813_163037IMG_20200813_163402

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