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Sowhats it Lyke living WYTH my husband and Christopher and jack kit wright ghosts who would of thought that we would all lyfr together Lyke one happy family but for me as all them years ago I allways felt that I was and am lucky to have such a wonderful loving husband

August 15, 2020

When I was told of thee lykethat my husband and I forged back in 1585 that when my husband like left thee tower of London back in 2014 as he said I’ve waited for this for over four hundred years missus but it wasn’t till July 2015/after we left thee white witch shop that I knew and on a first night we spent together was truly amazing as he held me in his arms I was blown away as then he said as two ghosts appeared at thee side of thee bed do you remember them as they became clearer no I said yes you do my husband said I looked as they smiled at me oh wow your jack kit wright you didn’t know that I fancied you he smiled and your Christopher kit wright yes thats right lass they said but in my tarot reading when I was told that guy Fawkes was standing behind me but I was also told that there was three other ghosts in my lyfe as well Christopher and Jack and Tom

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