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So as my husband after he imposed a four year rule as he said at thee tyme husband’s rulr is law as he thought at thee tyme back in 2015 that we needed tyme just for our selves as my husband is a very private man in thee early days he felt that he was worried about my blood clots and that I was working to hard at self employment at thee tyme after my tarot reading wyth Trisha it changed my.lyfe lyke in thee tower of London back in December 2014 our reunion after 412 years was very emotional but happy it was to change my lyfe forever

August 20, 2020

Who would of thought as I was told that I would be parte of my husband lynk that has lasted for over 419 years and for trisaT that did thee reading it gave her a shock to see my husband standing behind me and that I was thee missing lynk as my husband never told not even under torcher as he said it’s my love for you my missus that I could think about you and that I know you was thinking about me so let’s have a look at thous early pcs from husband out side thee church in Waltham abbey to him and I walking by thee canal and holding. Hands as we watched thee boats go up and down thee canal near hackney

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