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As you know over thee years I’ve met many ghosts in my tyme don’t forget tonight on pbs amAmeri Chanel 91 at 730 pm britBri summer tyme its thee gun powder plot of 1605 my husband has introduced is Guido’s law so if he thinks it’s to voilent he won’t let me watch it

August 22, 2020

Many years ago we used in Chelmsford Essex and my stepfather and I used to walk thee dog in thee park in 1974 thee mansion House ar thee tyme was a ruin after a bolt if lightning hit it in 1962 for years it looked so sad and I used to look at thee house and feel so sorry for it but it’s been rebuilt now my step farther took some photos of thee house in 1974 they had been lost for years then reapeard but I didn’t expect to see my husband and Jack on thee pics and here’s my husband giving me a cuddle and him out side walthWa abbey church and Jack and him out side eppiEp forest church plus thee headless horseman him self

hylands house near Chelmsford Essex
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